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Reversed Peak Trail

June Lake Sunrise Let me be the first to say that The Reversed Peak Trail is the hidden gem hike of the June Lake Loop. Reversed Peak is the highest point in the heart of the loop, which means you have a 360 degree view of the entire area! The Reversed Peak Trail can be taken a few ways. There is a main loop that will take you about 3.5 miles from start to finish, but that won’t get you to the top of the mountain. To get to the top of Reversed Peak, the trail will branch off of the loop and will take you up to the panoramic views you see below! Reversed Peak will add another 2.6 miles to your hike (1.3 miles each way), but it is worth every inch! If¬†you’d like to hike the whole loop, and see the top of Reversed Peak, the trail is a medium-difficulty 6.1 miles.   Mono Lake View Mono Lake just before sunrise, on the way up to Reversed Peak.   View from Reversed Peak We made it to the top shortly after the sun came up! Looking towards the Northern end of the June Lake Loop, you can see Grant and Mono Lakes.   View from Reversed Peak The sturdy mountain in the center there is Carson Peak, the very same Carson Peak that towers over the Double Eagle Resort and Spa ūüôā   View from Reversed Peak Looking back¬†to the South¬†you can see June Lake and out to the highway 395.   Reversed Peak Trail The trail does not follow any water sources, so a good portion of the hike is deserty with sagebrush and other small vegetation. However, you often find yourself surrounded by shimmering aspens…   Reversed Peak Trail …and towering pines.   June Lake Snow Ponds The big indentation to the right is what used to be one of the Snow Ponds. They have since dried up and left a sea of golden grass. The drought, while so destructive, has left its own kind of beauty on the land. Thus ends our journey to the heart of the June Lake Loop. I highlighted the trail on the map below to show the different paths you can take.¬†The¬†trail¬†highlighted in green is the main loop, and the one that branches off in blue is the trail that will take you to the top of Reversed Peak. The trail head is just a couple miles from the Double Eagle Resort, so if you love hiking and are looking for a new perspective of the June Lake Loop then I highly recommend the Reversed Peak Trail! Reversed Peak Trail Map   Have you hiked to Reversed Peak? What is your favorite hike to do in the June Lake Loop? Leave your comments below!
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