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New Health Protocols For COVID-19

In order to adjust to the new realities of COVID-19 the Double Eagle is implementing some heightened health protocols for ensuring the safety of our guests and employees.

Some of our measures are as follows:

  1. Employee wellness screening: The Double Eagle Resort and Spa has implemented employee screenings to assess signs and symptoms of potential infection. Our employees will go through temperature checks upon arriving at the property. We ask that our guests abide by similar, self-screening, practices prior to arriving and during their stay with us.
  2. Mandatory Masks and Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing: All Double Eagle Resort and Spa Employees will be provided with, and required to, wear approved masks when on our property. We strongly encourage our guests to wear masks in all public areas and we will offer masks, without charge, to anyone who needs one. We are supplying our housekeepers with protective glasses and clothing, which will be cleaned and laundered daily at the Double Eagle Resort and Spa.
  3. Physical Distancing: The Double Eagle Resort and Spa is adhering to the 6- foot distancing policy with only incidental contact within 6-feet. We are strongly asking our guests to adhere to this policy.
  4. Hand Washing and Sanitation: The Double Eagle Resort and spa will implement our increased cleaning guidelines that are based on the CDC recommendations prior to closing. This includes but is not limited to consistently washing hands, before and after every guest interaction, with antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer. Cleaning supplies which follow the guidelines of the CDC for corona virus, bacteria, and other infections or pathogens. The Double Eagle Resort and Spa will offer hand sanitizer stations in the lodging office, restaurant and spa for our employees and guests to utilize.
  5. Guest Rooms: The Double Eagle has removed all extra bedding. We have implemented training and checklists to ensure that our housekeepers are focused on disinfecting all surfaces that are utilized by guests. We will follow the stay over service guidelines that are provided by the state of California, and Mono County.
  6. Eagles Landing Restaurant: Eagles Landing Restaurant will be available for to go as well as limited in-house dining. We strongly advise dinner reservations. We have implemented training and checklist to ensure the safety of our guests and employees.
  7. Response Protocols in case of an Incident: The Double Eagle Resort and Spa will aim high in attempting to reduce the chance and the spread of infection. In the unfortunate event that a guest or employees tests positive for the virus, the Double Eagle will put into motion our incident response action plan by ensuring the infected person has access to medical treatment. We will sanitize all exposed areas thoroughly and when possible, we will notify those who may have had prolonged or close contact with this individual.
  8. House Keeping: We offer housekeeping delivery service.
  9. The Creekside Spa: Is open for retail, massages and facials. Our gym is available open for a limited amount of guests. Our pool and Jacuzzi’s are closed at this time.
  10. Masks: You must wear a mask to enter the lodging office, the Eagles Landing Restaurant and the Spa.

The Double Eagle Resort and Spa takes our guests and employee safety as our highest priority and we are working closely with the Mono County Supervisors, The Mono County Health Department and the State of California as they lead our way to health and safety.

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