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Mono Lake South Tufa

DSC07208 To be honest, before I actually visited Mono Lake, I never understood what all the hype was about. The tufas seemed strange and interesting, but I wasn’t convinced enough to make a trip out of it. I stand corrected! My wife and I decided to get up before dawn so we could get to Mono Lake’s South Tufa to watch the sun rise.   WP_20150808_05_41_57_Raw__highres What is a Tufa you ask? Well,
According to, Mono Lake’s Tufas are “calcium-carbonate spires and knobs formed by interaction of freshwater springs and alkaline lake water.”
Great Basin Visitor Center The day before our morning trip to South Tufa, we spent some time at the visitor center in Lee Vining. Mono Lake is a fascinating body of water with an equally fascinating history. I highly recommend checking the visitor center out. Oh! Did I mention that Mono Lake is a huge destination for bird watching? Millions of birds migrate to and from Mono between the Summer and Fall months.   WP_20150808_06_07_23_Raw__highres Sunrise at Mono Lake brought a whole new meaning to “Purple Mountain Majesties”   DSC07491 Mono Lake Tufa Sunrise While there are several locations to access Mono Lake, the South Tufa may be the most spectacular spot. At the South Tufa you have a chance to walk among these strange towering formations. You feel like you are on another planet. Pictures of the formations are interesting, but seeing them in person is a completely different experience.   DSC07513   Mono Lake’s Visitor Center and the South Tufa are both only about a 20 minute drive from the Double Eagle, and both make awesome day trips for the whole family! Have you visited Mono Lake? What is your favorite part?
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