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June Lake, California (760) 648-7004
The Double Eagle Resort and Spa offers a wide variety of treatments and massages to meet your specific needs!

Creekside Signature Massage

A traditional Swedish massage that increases circulation, relieves muscle strain, stress, and tension while promoting full-body relaxation. Our most popular massage!
50 minute $100
80 minute $150

Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage

This massage is focused on the areas of the body where the most stress is carried –through the neck, upper back and shoulders. Our therapists are able to target specific areas to reduce chronic pain and relieve tension.
50 minute $100
Deep Massage – 50 minutes $120

Mono Deep Tissue Massage

This is preferred by those familiar with massage and desire deeper and firmer pressure. It focuses on trigger points often associated with stiff and exhausted muscles, providing relief of chronic muscle tension. This massage also incorporates the unique doTERRA Deep Blue tissue rub – a synergistic blend of essential oils which provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to problem areas during treatment.
50 minute $125
80 minutes $180

Athletic Experience

This massage targets specific muscle groups. The muscles are warmed with hot compress applications and gently stretched. It is designed to improve flexibility, mobility and increase endurance. It is especially effective for sore or strained muscles due to physical activity. Perfect for athletes, this massage also incorporates the unique doTERRA Deep Blue tissue rub – a synergistic blend of essential oils which provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to problem areas during treatment.
80 minutes $165

Aromatherapy Massage

A soothing traditional Swedish massage combined with your choice of doTERRA’s pure therapeutic grade essential oils derived from plants – with properties known to soothe tension, support immune function, and promote emotional health.
50 minutes $115
80 minutes $165

Therapeutic Massage

A nurturing massage utilizing hot compresses to relax and de-stress tight muscles, releasing tension which intensifies the massage experience. The extended time frame allows the treatment to be customized to focus on areas of chronic tension.
80 minutes $160

Luk Pra Massage

A full-body gentle muscle massage designed to reduce the stresses of life is followed by the application of specialized herbal compresses – a technique used in Thailand for over 400 years. Specially prepared herbs are wrapped in a linen/cotton fabric and applied as a hot compress along the body’s energy meridians. This treatment improves energy flow and is deeply relaxing.
80 minutes $185

Hot Stone Massage

Native Americans traditionally used sacred stones to soothe and heal. This traditional massage, combined with heated stones and warmed oils, provides a deeply penetrating and intensely enjoyable massage experience. One of our most requested massages.
50 minutes $120
80 minutes $175

Creekside Warm-Up Combo

Enjoy a scalp, neck and face massage as hands and feet are hydrated and soft-ened in soothing paraffin. Hot stones are used to massage your neck, back and shoulders. This is one of our unique treatment combinations, which also includes a hot stone full body massage.
80 minutes $185

Pre-Natal Massage or New Mother Massage

This period of intense body change is both exciting and stressful. A variety of massage techniques are utilized to ensure relaxation and rejuvenation. Body support cushions are used to maximize comfort.
50 minutes $100

Massage with Soaking Tubs

This is the perfect escape for friends, mothers/daughters or special loved ones to enjoy time relaxing together. The massage room has private Victorian soaking tubs to enjoy together prior to the 50-minute massage. Your choice of a split of Champagne or other beverage selection provides a great finishing touch.
couple, 80 minutes $295
single person, 80 minutes $150

Massage Add-ons

doTERRA Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil  $10
Deep Blue Muscle Rub $10
To book a massage, please contact our friendly spa staff at 760-648-7004 x2
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