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June Lake, California (760) 648-7004

The Creekside Spa’s signature body therapies help you relax and unwind after a day outside.

Vichy Shower & Exfoliation

Relax under streams of warm water from the horizontal shower while scrubs, salts or body polishes are applied to exfoliate the skin. The process is both stimulating and refreshing. It is often the treatment of choice prior to a full-body massage.

20 minutes $55

Hydrotone Whirlpool Tub

The intense water stimulation from 144 jets increases circulation and produces a refreshing therapeutic boost. This treatment is a great prelude to any massage.

20 minutes $55

Signature Body Experience

This detoxifying and exfoliating treatment promotes cell renewal and stimulates increased circulation. Warm aromatic compresses and herbal exfoliation precedes the application of a mineral rich full body mask. This treatment is finished with a relaxing Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage, leaving you completely revitalized.

80 minutes $155

DeVine Therm Experience

This treatment is an exclusive Creekside Spa treatment. The Thermal Envelopment Bed is only available at the most exclusive spas. The body is dry-brushed and the skin is layered with your choice of body mask. The enclosed body capsule leaves the head exposed while the Therm does the rest. Circulating steam activates the mask to enhance detoxification and the final shower removes the product. This treatment is finished with a soothing body lotion.

50 minutes $100


Foot Reflexology Treatment

15 minutes $30
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