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Bodie Ghost Town

Abandoned Hotel in Bodie, California I have always had a passion for history. To say I was thrilled when I heard there was a ghost town just a short drive from the Double Eagle is a serious understatement. But Bodie isn’t just any ghost town, it is the largest unrestored ghost town in the country! Meaning it has been almost completely untouched since its inhabitants left (Over 100 years ago for some of the buildings!)
Bodie has a long and fascinating history so I highly recommend taking advantage of the literature and walking tours available on site so you have a context for whose windows you are looking into. In the mean time, take a look at a some of the pictures from our recent trip!
  Old Globe from a School in Bodie(Abandoned school house, the big wooden ball in the foreground is a Globe!   Bodie Ghost Town BedroomI love the overalls, the beds were all tiny!   The Kitchen in an Abandoned Home in BodieThe whole town looked like this. It is as  if everybody just left at once without taking one thing with them.   Big Mining Equipment from Bodie Ghost TownSome big old mining machinery…   Abandoned Car from Bodie Ghost TownCar is not for sale. I checked.   This is just a tiny glimpse of all the cool things you will see at Bodie. When you go make sure you are aware of the weather conditions, bring some water, and prepare for some serious time travel!    

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